Sunday, November 23, 2014 - 1st Safar, 1436 A.H.




Welcome to ECIC!

Nestled in the sleepy hollow suburbs of East Cobb, Marietta, 20 miles NE of the city of Atlanta, one will find the East Cobb Islamic Center. ECIC is a is a 501 ( c) 3 tax exempt religious institution organized and established for the purpose of providing – without regard to ethnicity, culture or socioeconomic status – religious, educational and humanitarian services to a growing Muslim community in the East Cobb, GA area. We will endeavor to do this in accordance with the teachings of the Noble Quran and the example of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW). Our goals are to advance the benefits of the community while working to promote peace, justice, harmony and understanding in and amongst the communities around us.

November Community Program

                November Community Program




We have sent you to the entire mankind to give them good tidings, and warn them; but most people do not understand this.


"Allah is kind and loves kindness and gives for gentleness what He does not give for harshness or anything else." (Muslim)

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