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Bismillah... with the name of God. Because 'everything worthwhile should begins with the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful'.


Summer School


ECIC is a Muslim place of worship conforming to the Ahl al-sunnah wa al-jamah. We do not subscribe to any one particular madhab, but defers to the imam of the mosque in matters of worship. Here, you will find yourself welcomed regardless of your leaning. Our promise is a sanctuary for worship which is welcoming to men and women, young and old, and to people of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. Our commitment is to the discernment of a purposeful and fulfilling life as God's creatures for ourselves and for others.

Summer School is here! To enroll, please fill out the forms (available at the masjid or here) and submit with the fees.

Ramadan is around the corner. If you plan to sponsor iftar, please contact Br. Mugees ASAP.

The background of this website is the charcoal rendering of the ceiling of the Haram Sharif. It depicts the features archetecture reminescent of  of Andalusian Islamic archetecture with its typical coloring scheme of voussoirs in the arches, the best example of which is seen in the Grand Mosque of Cardoba.

Countdown...The establishment of a new and large Muslim cemetery is a significant and important milestone for us as a growing community in this country. The time draws near for closing on the cemetery. Your tax-deductible donations to the cemetery fund are much needed.  Please donate generously using one of the methods below. Payments may be made to CCIC ,Inc. DBA ECIC. All donations are tax deductible [CCIC/ECIC is 501(c)3 organization]. 1. Checks can be mailed to : 1111 Braswell Road , Marietta, GA-300622. Using the Pledge Form makes giving more manageable. Download the Pledge Form here3. Use Paypal by clicking below   

The Etiquettes of ikhtilaaf or differing


Hafiz Arshad expounded on this subject citing from the Quran and ahadith.

Differences are inevitable... and are even a plan of Allah swt (Quran 49:13). These differences could be a source of our salvation if an etiquette for airing them is followed and if done with the intent of winning the favor of Allah.... as when the Sahaba differed with one another.

And they can lay down the path to hellfire...


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