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Bismillah... with the name of God. Because 'everything worthwhile should begins with the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful'.



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    ECIC is a Muslim place of worship conforming to the Ahl al-sunnah wa al-jamah. We do not subscribe to any one particular madhab, but defers to the imam of the mosque in matters of worship. Here, you will find yourself welcomed regardless of your leaning. Our promise is a sanctuary for worship which is welcoming to men and women, young and old, and to people of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. Our commitment is to the discernment of a purposeful and fulfilling life as God's creatures for ourselves and for others.


The first day of fasting will insha Allah be Thursday June 18th, and taraweeh will be offered at ECIC starting tomorrow, June 17th after isha. May Allah accept our sawm, our worship and acts of goodness and generosity this blessed month. A copy of salah schedule is available here. If you plan to host iftar, please contact Br. Mugees.





Ramadan Mubarak


The background of this website is the charcoal rendering of the ceiling of the Haram Sharif. It depicts the features archetecture reminescent of  of Andalusian Islamic archetecture with its typical coloring scheme of voussoirs in the arches, the best example of which is seen in the Grand Mosque of Cardoba.

In anticipation fo Ramadan, this week, the ECIC Girls' Youth Group raised money to buy 1 month of food for about 120 refugee families in Clarkston, GA, and on Saturday 13th of July, they distributed the food to these families.


Under the auspices of Atlanta Muslims’ signature Ramadan program for the youth, ECIC will play host to Atlanta’s Muslim youth on the night of July 11th.


The night of Qiyaam and discourse will feature -

 Br. Omer Kamal

 Sr. Fatima Latte


No registration is required, but RSVP to ecicgyg@ec-ic.org is encouraged to help us plan.